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Our Commitment to Your Privacy


We work under the principles of the Direct Marketing Association. Therefore, we provide the following guarantees:


1- The information you provide us with will NEVER be made available to third parties and your e-mail and postal addresses, phone and fax numbers will NEVER be rented or sold to other companies or individuals, at any price.


2- We don't use technology to collect information on visitors to our web site.


3- The only information we collect from visitors is that which is offered voluntarily, such as registration information or surveys.


4- The information voluntarily provided by our visitors is used in the following ways:

  • It is analyzed to improve our services and web site as advisable.

  • It is used to establish direct communication with our visitors to inform them of new products, promotions and changes in services and our web site.

5- All e-mails that we send out have an "unsubscribe" feature.

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