High Back Carved leather rocking chair

High Back Carved leather rocking chair

Product Details

The High Back model is an outstanding example of craftmanship and added confort with one more tier of leather allows you to rest your head.

From the precise work of the wooden structure to the tooling in the leather, this piece will keep you rocking forever. Click on the photograph above to see a detail of the leather work.

As a Down to Earth product, we certify that the wood comes from a plantation and not the rainforest so NO loss of primary forest takes place.

The rocking chair easily folds for convenient storage and it only requires minor care to keep the wood and leather in perfect shape.

The chair is shipped disassembled in three major sections and detailed instructions are enclosed. The most work you will do is to attach 8 screws to join all pieces together.

IMPORTANT: the actual weight of the rocking chair is only 27 pounds but since the size of the box is bigger than the actual weight of the piece, we apply a formula called Dimensional Weight and the charges are figured out based on a shipping weight of 52 pounds.