Coffee Experience - Providencia farm work

Coffee Experience - Providencia farm work

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May to Nov per person, per day Light farm work, focused on the coffee tree nursery or planting includes homestay and three meals, meet up at the road junction.

Winner in the 2018 North American Golden Bean Roasters Competition with Bronze Medals in the Pour over and Single Origin Espresso categories and a Silver Medal in the Latte Category.

Winner of a Silver Medal in the Latte Category of the 2017 Golden Bean Roasters North American competition.

Use this link to buy this unique Down to Earth Villalobos Varietal roasted Light.

Our Providencia de Dota Villalobos Varietal is a labor of love that became a reality after an effort we started in 2010.

The Villalobos almost disappeared from Costa Rica in the 70's but we found 80 trees in an old plantation. Through careful seeding we managed to sprout enough trees to create a nursery and plant 13 acres of this rare arabica variety.

The result is an heirloom coffee with a unique origin and a history that can be traced back to the origins of coffee growing in 1790's Costa Rica.

The Villalobos Varietal has a direct line in coffee genealogy with the Yemen Accession in Africa and a rare cup profile: it features a strong, deep Chocolate note with a touch of sweet honey and it is available on our website for the first time on a limited basis.

I hope you like our Light roast of this wonderful coffee.

Canadian customers please make a note that UPS will charge a flat $10 for brokering and customs documentation.