Dota Select Green Coffee 5 lbs

Dota Select Green Coffee 5 lbs

Product Details

Winner of the Bronce Medal in the Espresso Category at the Golden Bean Roasters Competition North America - 2016

This coffee is the legendary Single Origin Dota from the Tarrazu region.

Our Dota Select is a Catuai Red varietal, grown at 6,000 ft of elevation, milled in an artisan's process using spring water and sun dried for a full 7 days in Parijuelas.

A Fancy SHB coffee, the Dota Select is small, dense and hard with a distinctive Chocolate/Nutty aroma and taste, featuring a well balanced acidity.

Only a small portion of our coffee is made available as green beans. Use this link to place a 5 lb order which will ship along with our regular orders from Costa Rica.