Teak Foldable Coffee Brewer with Cup & Sampler

Teak Foldable Coffee Brewer with Cup & Sampler

Product Details

A real taste of Costa Rica.

One of the things that make Costa Rican coffee special is the way we brew it. We use a "Chorreador", and the differentiating element in it is the cloth: it holds back oils making the coffee smoother.

This set not only features the brewing elements of the Chorreador but a traditional tin coffee cup that we call "taza de loza" and two 2oz sample bags of coffee.

What can you expect from coffee brewed in a Chorreador? It will be a smoother cup of coffee, no bitternes, no aftertaste, because the cloth holds back the oils that make coffee taste strong.

To better describe this effect in the taste, the Chorreador generates the opposite effect of the French press and a very distinctive way to brew coffee.

In terms of the wood used, we are happy to say that the Teak is guaranteed to come from plantations. This is very important for us because we do not use any wood that comes from the Rainforest.

Last but not least, the bag should be re-used for at least 6 months. Just like an skillet, the bag is cured with longer use and the coffee will taste better every day. Please don't wash the cloth with any detergent as it will spoil the taste of the coffee. Simply flush & squeeze and the bag will be ready for its next use.