Dota Estate Natural Harvest - Espresso Roast 1 Lb

Dota Estate Natural Harvest - Espresso Roast 1 Lb

Product Details

The Down to Earth Natural Harvest coffee is the only Costa Rican Estate Organic coffee available from the Dota Mountains.

The Espresso Roast is slightly darker than our Dark with increased bitterness. It features the strong, distinctive taste that you are looking for.

Exclusively farmed organic for Down to Earth in Dota and turned over to us immediately after the berries are harvested, these Costa Rican coffee beans are guaranteed to be 100% organic and grown at 5,300 feet of altitude.

Just like the beans from our own farm, this Dota organic coffee enjoys the careful Down to Earth processing standards that guarantee superb quality:

--The berries are peeled within one hour of picking so there is not enough time for the sugar content in the bean to ignite fermentation.

--The coffee dries under the sun for an average of 7 days.

--The coffee rests stored under hermetic conditions for an average of three months to enhance body and flavor

All of these conditions, applied to beans that have only been picked ripe, produce aroma, fragrance and flavor never seen before. An intense chocolate taste will set this coffee apart from anything you have tried before.

Available as whole beans or ground.

Our regular quantity discounts also apply to this exceptional coffee.


$21.03/lb when you buy 5 or more

$20.33 when you buy 25 pounds or more

$19.79 when you buy 35 pounds or more

$19.32 when you buy a case of 50 pounds.