1- You must register. This step does not represent any obligation to you or your organization but it is the way for us to get the information needed to complete the rest of the process, including the production of the sample labels with your school name/organization and to establish the administrative contacts.

Click here to register

2- Decide which method of sales you will use. You need to decide whether you will buy coffee in advance to sell for immediate delivery or take orders and then buy the coffee.

TIP: buying coffee in advance for immediate delivery will generate higher sales because you will capitalize on impulse.

3- Choose the Coffee you wish to sell and at what price. You need to let us know what quality coffee you will sell: Dota Select (standard), Dota Estate (premium) or Dota Estate Natural Harvest (Premium Organic). Then, we need to know whether you will sell Ground, Beans or both and which roasts: Light, Medium, Dark or Espresso.

TIP: Our best selling type of coffee is the Dota Select and it is better than most of the high end gourmet coffees sold in the USA. Our best selling roasts are Medium and Dark, followed by Espresso and then Light which is excellent but an acquired taste for most North Americans.

Once you have completed step 3, we will create an order form and a flyer to promote sales. Both pieces will be sent to you via email as a PDF file.

4- Choose the dates for your sale. We need to know the beginning & closing date of your sale so we can adjust your cut off to the most convenient shipping date. We need to have 48 hours before the shipping date to complete your order and you should allow anywhere between 3 and 7 days for the order to arrive.

The 2020 Holiday shipping dates are:

November 3rd (this shipment arrives right before Thanksgiving)

Dec 1st, 8th and 15th (the 15th will not reach its destination before Christmas)

TIP: our latest recommended date for shipping is the 8th of December. Please do not plan on shipping coffee on December 15th, unless you are in the South Eastern USA and have a plan to distribute the coffee quickly.

TIP: we recommend that you buy at least 20% more coffee than what your sales are in order to create a stock. Chances are there will be some late orders and a lot of the buyers that live in your community will want more coffee later on, most likely after the break.

5- Decide the payment method. Available means of payment are: Debit cards and Credit cards such as VISA, Discover, MC or AMEX; a bank-to-bank wire transfer or a school check.

TIP: Make sure that the method you choose allows you to proceed quickly. No order will be shipped unless full payment is received and/or confirmed.