Q. Why isn't your coffee black?

A. Our coffee is reddish like tea because it is 100% pure, highlands (SHB) coffee. The only reason coffee will turn black is if there are additives in it. So, even though it looks "light" and "watered down", our coffee will give you a satisfying cup every time. Follow our recommendation of 1 oz/30 grs of ground coffee per each 16 oz/500 ml of hot water. Don't add more grounds in order to make the brew darker, unless you want a stronger taste.

Q. Where is the coffee processed?

A. All of our coffee is grown, milled, roasted and packaged in Costa Rica, more specfically at origin in the Dota/Tarrazu region.

Q. Do you ship to the USA & Canada?

A.Yes, we ship to the USA & Canada via UPS. Since we are a small company we consolidate shipments once a month, on the first day of every month. In December we ship every monday on the first three weeks.

Q. Why the shipments come to me from a US address in Miami?

A. All our coffee orders are roasted, packed and processed in Costa Rica, specifically upon your order. By law we must have a US address for returns and other administrative issues but we do not store in or ship coffee from Miami, all comes from Costa Rica.

Q. Why can't I get free shipping from you?

A. Our coffee ships directly from Costa Rica at a high cost, basically every dollar you pay for shipping is spent getting the coffee to you. We wish we could give free shipping but unfortunately is not possible. And we don't feel is fair to artificially increase the price of the coffee to generate a contribution to the S&H cost.

Q. Do you ship to Europe?

A. Yes, we ship to clients in Europe through a sister company in Hamburg, Germany. You can place the order for our coffee to be shipped in the European continent at www.goldmund-coffee.com