Try our fantastic coffee fruit sundried.

Why is coffee fruit popular now?

Because of the constante search by coffee companies and shops for the edge to stay ahead of the competition. The Coffee Fruit has taken the coffee industry by storm and its uses are many.

Our sundried Coffee fruit can be used to sweeten coffee and to make a hot or cold tea. It gives a natural touch of sweetness to the coffee cup and when prepared as a tea it produces a taste reminiscent of Hibiscus or Apple Cider.

But where does it come from?

The Coffee Fruit is the skin and pulp of the Coffee Cherry. It features a very low pH, between 1 and 2, and it is full of sugar. In order to avoid fermentation and allow the coffee taste to spoil, the skin has to be removed and the pulp containing the pulp washed off.

Traditionally the coffee cherry was considered waste of the coffee process and used in the farm for fertilizer but now it has become an expensive commodity that sells for over 400% higher price than the actual coffee.