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Our Golden Rules

We have four Golden Rules: they are a the principles that guide every effort in Down to Earth and that summarize everything we believe in and what we want to be known for.

Maximum social benefit comes from the way we treat our workers and the fact that we have social programs in place that are paid for by your donation each time you buy.

Minimum Environmental Impact means that we care for the environment and will do what we can to minimize the impact of our operation on nature.

Maximum Quality means that we always give you the best quality possible, whether it is our coffee, T-shirts or rocking chairs, you can always count on a 100% money back guarantee.

Always 100% Tarrazu means that, in the case of our coffee, we only give you 100% pure coffee beans, something that no other company does with the legendary Tarrazu beans.

These principles are ours and guarantee the well being of our workers, the safekeeping of our precious environment and the quality that you enjoy.



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