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Gift Program


Gift Order Form instructions:


Order the coffee as usual, on the web or by toll free: 1-866-65 EARTH. Then, fill out all appropriate fields in this order form.


Make sure that the number of pounds, the type of roast and the presentation of the coffee match the order that you have ordered in our website. If you left somebody out, please include their coffee in this form and later go back to the website and order the coffee that you need.


You can include as many recipients as you can fit in the form. If you need more space, the system will provide you with another form once you hit SUBMIT.


Each line in this form represents a gift recipient. The legend that would be printed in the sealing label is as follows: Roasted on (date) for (name of gift recipient) by request of (name of the buyer). Please be brief because whatever information that you enter in this column is going to be printed in the bag's sealing label.


You can change the "Your Name" as many times you want to. But if you are not changing the name in the "Your Name" column, simply leave the default word "same".


In the "Name of the gift recipient" column you must write the name of the person who is receiving the bag of coffee as a gift. Also, you must be brief.


The third and fourth columns define the roasting of the coffee and its presentation. This information must match the order that you placed in our ad.


You can personalize the main label on the bag with your name and the following legend: Specially roasted for (name of buyer). To use this option, simply check the appropriate box in the form below. This addition has a $25 setup cost that will be charged to your credit card.


If you have any questions, feel free to email using the QUESTIONS? link. We will respond immediately.


Privacy policy

Full name:

(as it was entered in the website order)

Your e-mail:

Zip Code:

Personalize the main label for $25 extra:

Yes No

Name of the buyer as it will appear on the label: Name of the person who receives the coffee as a gift: Type of roast: Type of presentation: Number of bags:


Please click on the reCAPTCHA to submit the form.

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