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Our line of Coffee Paper journals is the most beautiful eco-friendly statement you will ever make.


Illustrated by famed Costa Rican artist R. Andrade, our journals covers are an exclusive product, trademarked under the concept Flying Colors of Costa Rica.


We feature seven different types of covers: Quetzals, Macaws, Hummingbirds, Toucans, Butterflies plus the legendary poison Dart Arrow frog known as the Blue Jean frog and the Green Iguana. Click here to see the covers of our journals in our shopping cart..


This is a truly unique fundraising idea that complements perfectly our other lines of products, specially the coffee and the Chocolate covered coffee beans.


In orders higher than 240 units of one design, we can personalize the back cover to include the name of your organization for a flat one-time-charge of US$50.


Our minimum purchase is a box containing 12 units of one design.


The price per box is US$59.40 plus a $7.5 S&H flat charge per box, for delivery anywhere in the Continental USA. Final unit cost is $5.58 per journal, delivered to your door. (CAN orders add $10 per box)


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