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Travel Services / Flying Colors of Costa Rica Birding Programs


Introduction: Our Birding programs are featured under the umbrella of our registered trademark, Flying Colors of Costa Rica, and are the most comprehensive birding programs offered by a single company in Costa Rica.


As with any of our other travel programs, we don't cut corners. We focus on providing you with the best possible experience. Period. So, our itineraries are packed with little features that add to a wonderful experience but that other companies skip in order to lower prices.


What is in a Down to Earth Birding program? The knowledge to program your visit at the best times, an expert birdwatching guide with your at all times, a confortable 22-passenger airconditioned bus for any size group; private on-site transportation, special birding times, a free Birds of Costa Rica checklist, a cooler packed with free bottles of water and healthy snacks.


We feature four different Birdwatching programs, one all-country itinerary and three more specific ones.

Select the program you are interested in and see a brief outline of the itinerary:


13-Day comprehensive all-country program


10-Day Shore & Water Birds program


8-Day Highland Birds-Quetzal Quest program


6-Day Highland Birds-Quetzal Quest program


10-Day Birds of the Caribbean program


Please email us if you need more information or wish to make a reservation.


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