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Travel Services


Our Travel Services division works under the concept of "Travel with a sense of purpose". We truly believe that the world should have a greater reason to travel and that greater awareness and profound discovery should be the basics of an exciting itinerary.


Our programs are off the beaten path and as varied as you can get in the specialty travel business. They range from educational itineraries for both Science and Language groups to our Rainforest Pharmacy program; guided by an expert in the field, this program will teach you first hand about the healing world that awaits you in our forests.


Birding is also featured with comprehensive programs guided by the most knowledgeable naturalist guides in the country. Simply put, it is the most comprehensive birding program offered by a single company for Costa Rica.


Last but not least, we can create a custom-made itinerary for you, from a minimum of two to a maximum of 44 participants. In our custom-made itineraries, you will find your every need met, from the ideal hotels to the perfect naturalist guide.


Our custom-made itineraries are done for family travel. No two families are alike and our experience shows that families require very specific details to make their trip perfect. Upon request, we can also design Parent-Child itineraries for both Father-son and Mother-daughter teams. At the end of your vacation, the unique experiences that we put together for you will create greater bonds between members and family relations will improve.

Click here to inquire about our custom-made itineraries.





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