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Do you feel any guilt for getting people hooked on your product? I have already drank some for a few days, it was quite rich and delicious. I like very dark coffee. Now I am mad that forgot to bring a pound to work.


G. Ingram , first time buyer

5 pounds Dark Roast

Chicago, IL


Matias, My name is B.B. and I met you in Feb.04 while on a cruise ship that stopped in Puerto Limon.

You told me where I could buy Cafe Britt but that I should also try your coffee. I did today, coffee has been in a freezer since Feb, and I agree that your coffee is superior to Cafe Britt, it actually it tastes like Cafe Britts used to.

Thanks for your help and yes I will be ordering your light roast in the near future.


B.Blue, Cruise ship passenger

1 pound Light Roast


I purchased some coffee, 24 bags and I have to tell you that I prefer your coffee to Cafe Britt, and would prefer to order from you.


R.M. , frequent buyer

8 pounds Medium Roast / 16 pounds Light Roast

Akron , NY


Well, I just love the coffee and it beats everything available around here including "Seattle's Best"!!...and as a responsible purchaser and supporter of ecological and humanitarian causes wanted to be reassured (on your principles)!!.


A. Brown, frequent buyer

10 pounds Medium Roast

McKinney, TX


I received the coffee last week. I prepared some for my boyfriend and he was amazed. It was so fresh and flavorful!


J . Eng, first time buyer

2 pounds Medium Roast

Austin , TX


The coffee is delicious...I did read an article regarding the quality of the Costa Rican coffee and the issues that are being raised. That is why I was so excited when I found out about Down To Earth. What is passed off as Costa Rican coffee here does not compare to yours.


D. Dodge, frequent buyer

4 pounds Medium Roast

Stoughton, WI


I just wanted to let you know I had some of your wonderful coffee this morning and I love it.

It is just as I remembered. Terrific coffee!


D. Selement

2 pounds Medium Roast

Yukon, OK


A real waker-upper , full of aroma and punch. The best cup I ever had. Can't wait until tomorrow morning!


M. Aerts

6 Pounds Dark Roast

Queens, New York


I will problaby use most of it myself because I can't wake up in the morning unless it's costa rican because the folgers isn't cutting in for me any more.


M.M. Fogarty

13 pounds Dark Roast

Fredonia, New York


I definitely miss costa rica, but the coffee i enjoy every morning takes me back."


F. Valdesolo

6 Pounds Medium Roast

New York, New York


I was visiting my two brothers in Manorville, New York (Long Island), for the Christmas Holiday. My sister sent one of the brothers a pound of your coffee. On Christmas morning I had my first taste, and....IT IS DELICIOUS!!!


D. Stock

1 Pound of Dark Roast as a gift

Manhattan, New York


My boyfriend and I are really enjoying the coffee. Starbucks won't be seeing my face for a long while. I got all three roasts, light, medium and strong. Sunday mornings are extra special now, my Costa Rica Java goes perfect with the New York Times and my bagel. What can I say, expect my refill order in a few months.


T. Everding

6 Pounds Mixed Roasts

New York, New York


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