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I am Jen, from East Aurora. I registered my group for fundraising, it is a small group,

the East Aurora Tennis Boosters. Hopefully we will sell a lot.


Jennifer Gurbacki

Parent/Booster, 200 lbs of coffee, firs time fundraiser with Down to Earth

East Aurora HS Tennis Boosters

East Aurora, NY


Matias, hi. It was great seeing you again this summer during our Costa Rica trip. I know that my

students really enjoyed our visit with you.


I was wondering if we could possibly set up another fundraiser with our school? We would love to

have more of your coffee and chocolate covered up here to sell. The people here love them.


Josh Trandall

Spanish Teacher, 495 lbs of coffee and 350 bags of Chocolate, three time fundraiser

Huron High School

Huron, SD


Hola Matias. Just wanted to say thank you for working so well with us on the coffee sales.

I am handing out coffee to students today to deliver to their clients. Can't wait to hear the

feedback from people!.


Tana Luptak

Spanish Teacher, 94 pounds, first time fundraiser with Down to Earth

Shepherd High School

Shepherd, MT


Hi Matias! I would like to let you know that we are distributing the orders, the inventory

was exactly what we ordered and the fundraiser was very successful.


William Hallahan

Biology Professor,, 97 pounds, one time fundraiser with Down to Earth

Nazareth College

Rochester, NY



Hola! We would like to set up our fundraiser in advance for next year.  Can you get us in the books for the first delivery in December?  We can touch base in September with all of the particulars.


Lorelei Zook

Spanish Teacher, 410 pounds, five time fundraiser with Down to Earth

Daniel Boone Middle/High School

Birdsboro, PA



Matias, good news. The sale is going well. There is a lot of interest and there are many repeat customers as you predicted. We will easily do 300 pounds this time.


Mary Margaret Fogarty

Spanish Teacher, 800 pounds, three time fundraiser with Down to Earth

Dunkirk High School

Dunkirk, NY



When support lagged for the usual student/parent fundraising techniques this year, Down to Earth coffee saved us. People who bought one bag, just to be nice, came running back for more...and more.


Coffee sales made themselves, and we were able to fund a significant portion of the students' trip to Tirimbina."


Peter Graven , 300 pounds

Willow Glen School

St. Francis, Wisconsin



We' ve tried a lot of different fundraisers but this year we tried the Down to Earth Coffee and Holy Cow, we sold 83 pounds of coffee in 2 week trial run for our big November 2003 fundraiser.


This company is the best I have ever dealt with. The assistance from Matias was most helpful. He was very, very patient while we sorted out all that we had to do on our end.


The price was very fair with room for us to make money; even a local coffee shop bought from us and charged even more as their "Feature Coffee of the Week" (The shop will order more this November).

The coffee will sell itself. We were skeptical but once we smelled its fresh roasted aroma we knew everything would sell. It is delicious and people want to know how to get more! The individual bags were even personalized with our group's name and we could have even had the customers name on the bag as well.


Dan Woerpel , 83 pounds

Greendale High School

Greendale, Wisconsin



Tirimbina has been able this year to continue funding of scholarships for Costa Rican students, thanks to the portion of Down to Earth coffee sales that is donated back to us.

Helping deserving Costa Rican rural students to continue going to school after 6th grade is a project of the heart, rather than the TRC mission, and therefore needs special funding.

Everyone raves about the coffee, and three children go to school as a result. TRC is very grateful to Down to Earth for helping us make a difference in the community we serve.


Joan Spector

Executive Director

Tirimbina Rainforest Center

Milwaukee, Wisconsin



I sold close to three thousand pounds of "Down To Earth" coffee while fundraising to take teenagers to Costa Rica. The price was very reasonable, so that we could mark it up and still sell well.


Matias and the company were utterly reliable as to consistent quality, a quick turn-around from their receiving our check to us receiving the coffee.


People were impressed with the classy-looking label and willing to support our cause by buying a pound--- Then when actually tried the coffee, they came back for lots more!


Any time I had questions they were answered quickly. I am very impressed with this product, my church is now selling it to support our missions committee, and I won't drink any other coffee any more!


Lin Gould

Science Teacher and all-time-high Down to Earth Coffee fundraiser

Mount Desert Island High School

Mount Desert Island, Maine


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