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We have a unique fundraiser system using our gourmet Costa Rican coffee and Chocolate Covered coffee beans, plus other natural products also produced by us. Any organization can use our products to raise funds and set themselves apart from the rest by using very unique, fair trade products.

Click here to read testimonials from organizations that have successfully raised funds using our products.


Gourmet coffee is our Signature Product.  It is the best Costa Rican coffee by far and one of the best in the world according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America.  But again, you have many other Down to Earth products to sell besides the coffee. Click here to request a sample package.


Our experience shows that the most successful fundraisers take place for the Christmas season but Thanksgiving is a good time to sell because of family gatherings. Our shipping dates for the 2019 Holiday Season are:



November 1st (this shipment arrives before Thanksgiving)

Dec 2nd, Dec 9th and 16th (although the 16th will only reach the school before Christmas if it is located in the Southeastern USA)



Our fundraisers can extend as long as you want to, even through the rest of the winter, and our shipping schedule continues throughout 2020 in case you need follow up orders.


Download our guide Step by Step

Read our Step by Step guide as a web page


Download our US/CAN Price Sheet

Download our US Profit Chart -/- For Canada, click here


Available means of payment are:  Check or EFT to our account in First Community Bank in North Carolina, Debit cards and Credit cards such as VISA, MC, Discover or AMEX . ONLY registered organizations can place bulk orders at the fundraising price. Click here to register.

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