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Fundraising / Options to Order


Order system:


We have two ways that you can order our products for your fundraiser:


1-  Advanced purchase:  this is a system where the organization places an order and takes delivery of our products to be sold door to door or at an specific event.  Since the product is there, sales are higher.


Organizations that use this system sell 3 to 4 times more than the ones that take orders first.


Pro's: higher sales, immediate delivery to the client.


Con's:  you do not have certainty of what roasts and types to include in the order, therefore you might end up with an overstock.


2-  Pre-sell:  with this option, the membership sells the products and then orders them.  Even though sales are not as plentiful as they are with the Advanced purchase system, the benefit of ordering exclusively what you have sold makes it a favorite.


Pro's:  no inventory issues, coffee is roasted upon the individual's order.


Con's: you will probably experience lower sales since you can not capitalize on impulse.


When using the Pre-sell system, your membership will have access to an online form where they can enter the details of the order:  type of roast, beans or ground, name of buyer, name of recipient.   The format is available under the name of your organization and is easily accesible.  See a sample by clicking here.


Identifying themselves with their name, your membership need only to fill out the details of the order and submit it. We will create a registry of the orders and keep track of the totals. The teacher and the student will receive a copy of the order via email.


When the sales period is over, we consolidate all the orders and send it to you for your final approval. This takes the-day-to-day stuff off the coordinator's shoulders and allow you to place one single order to cover for the total.


Register your organization now.

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