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Fundraising / Donation from web sales


This option has been put on hold until January 2017 because we need to update our technology.


if you wish to participate using this system please write to and we will gladly let you know when the system is back on.


Please read on to see how the system works and let us know if you have any questions.


We have a great system where your organization can benefit from the follow up purchases generated by the fundraiser buyers. With this system, a 10% donation will be made on all purchases that are credited to your organization.


The only requirement is that your organization nees to sell at least 600 pounds of coffee and that it commits to promote in its website the joint coffee store. With this system in place, your organization will have a steady income throughout the year and will cash in on the initial effort made by the kids.


If your organization has an email list of at least 5,000 addresses and is willing to promote the online store, then the requirement of the 600 pounds in direct sales can be waved.


How are the orders credited? We will provide you with an address where your membership can shop.


During the direct sale period, every bag of our products will have information leading the buyer to a special section of our online store. In both cases, the buyer can purchase more products from us and, prior to checking out, will have to choose an organization to credit with the10% donation.


The sales are tracked automatically using two separate systems so there is no danger of any sale going uncredited. The 10% donation will be figured out based on the net amount of the order, that is order total minus S&H.


This donation applies along with our quantity discount specials.


Click here to register your organization.



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