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Fundraising / Donations in Costa Rica


Donation program:


We have stablished a donation program with 4 different Costa Rican organizations so you can donate the proceeds of your effort in our country instead of working to raise funds. . The idea is that if you want to benefit one of our programs we will charge you the full sale price for the coffee and transfer the difference between your sale price and the net price..


One of these foundations works for the environment: Rainforest Alliance. Two work for the Costa Rican street children: Home for Girls and Oratorio Don Bosco. The last foundation in the group is our own Volunteer Program where we support efforts in different communities in Costa Rica. These 4 options do great work and your organizations get to choose which one gets the money.



Here is a brief description of what these 4 foundations do:


Home for Girls: works for the well being of teenage girls that are working the streets of Costa Rica in cities where there is a large tourist industry. Their program provides counseling, education and a shelter for girls that want to leave prostitution.


Down to Earth volunteer program:supports different efforts in communities across Costa Rica.


Oratorio Don Bosco: a catholic organization that works for the well being of homeless or addicted children between 6 and 14. It runs a rehab center, a school and a choir which has recorded a CD. It aims to rescue, educate and keep children out of trouble.


Rainforest Alliance: is a foundation dedicated to conservation through sustainable development . Its mission is to develop and promote economically sound initiatives such as the Smart Wood certification and the ECO-OK program.

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