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Our entire line of coffees is now available for fundraisers: our traditional Dota Select in the Gold Bag; the superb Dota Estate and the new Dota Estate Natural Harvest Organic in the White bag.


Our coffee is packaged in a beautiful foil bag with a fresh valve to preserve flavor and a a reusable tape. Important to note: we package 16 ounces of coffee for one full pound. Most coffee is sold in the USA in ¾ pound bags which makes our price even more attractive.


If the price is high for the demographics of your area, we can do 3/4 pound bags or even 1/2 pound bags. These will be priced lower although the per-ounce cost will be higher because of packaging and shipping fixed costs.


We recommend that your organization marks up the coffee $4 to $5 per pound; in a 200 pound sale, the net profit will be $1,000. In the case of the Estate coffees, the mark up can even be $6 to $7.


For our quality coffee, these prices are a bargain and at the end, the price is determined by your community and its demographics. The market value of our coffee is beyond $20 to $30 per pound.


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