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Coffee Club


Join our Coffee Club and enjoy the convenience of receiving shipments of the best Dota Tarrazu coffee from Costa Rica without interruption, plus a very cool bonus. You can join to receive coffee at intervals from every 4 weeks to every six months and with the freedom to hold shipments, register an alternative address or drop out any time you want.


As a BONUS for joining, you will receive absolutely free of charge Premium labeling in every shipment: each bag that you receive will have your name in the Main Label, for as long as you are a member. Click here to see what premium labeling is all about.


Through our Coffee Club, you will be receiving the best Costa Rican coffee by far and one of the best coffees in the world according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America and Sintercafe, the most prestigious judging of Costa Rican coffee by international experts.


Just to give you a better reference of the quality of coffee produced in the Dota Tarrazu region in Costa Rica, the top three places at Sintercafe 2003 were taken by coffees from the region. Preimum brands like Starbucks, Peets Coffee and Green Mountain coffee roasters all buy our beans to flavor their blends.


Furthermore, you now have three options to include in our Coffee Club shipments: our Dota Select coffee in the gold bag, the Dota Estate Sun dried (formerly Cordoba Estate) in the hunter green bag and the Dota Estate Natural Harvest (Organically farmed) in the white bag. You can subscribe a mix of the three or a single type and still get our quantity discounts.


Is important that you take into consideration that the more pounds you subscribe, the lower the cost of the coffee and also the cheaper the S&H per pound. We recommend that you order as much as you can in a single order, even if you have to spread the intervals and store the coffee.


Our quantity discounts start saving you money when you ourder 5 lbs or more. Keep in mind that our foil bag with a fresh valve guarantees a shelf life of 10 to 12 months.


Click here to sign up in the Coffee Club.


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