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Coffee Experience / Testimonials


Each time we drink the Down to Earth coffee we have the pleasure of remembering our tour of the finca with your family and Carlos. Thank you for your efforts to be eco friendly and responsible.


Our best to you and all your countrymen!!





I will always remember my tour of your plantation and learning about coffee, picking the beans, and especially the friendliness and enthusiasm with which we were treated.


Be well and enjoy,

M. L.



The demonstraton on how the plants start from seeds to actual growth was fascinating.  Needless to say, the tasting was really eye opening (literally) and lunch was delicious.  I'm so glad that the growers are getting a reasonable 'fair trade' for their efforts. 


J. K.



We really enjoyed our tour and my husband, after spending almost 30 years producing coffee, especially enjoyed making it full circle!


We  got home last night and my office is enjoying the chocolate covered coffee beans! We are anxiously awaiting the  arrival of the package that you shipped to us.



B & A



I greatly look forward to the day we can return to your beautiful Costa Rica , and we will most certainly make room in our schedule to visit your plantation again.


M. J.



We were delighted to visit you finca last week and were especially impressed with your operation. We were equally impressed with the food that was served for lunch! I asked you if the recipes for the dishes that were served would be on the website and you indicated that they would.


We were in Costa Rica for 11 days and we had no food that matched the quality and taste that we experienced with this meal.  


THANK YOU for sharing! If you have the recipes for the dishes above and would share them, I would be very grateful!


T. D.



Thank you again for the informative talk about coffee and your kindness at your Plantation !


We can hardly wait to have fresh cup of "Light" roast in the morning, and some "medium" roast tonight after dinner, with our dessert!



D & L

P.S. I am attaching a few pictures!! enjoy!!



I have a very fond memory of your mountains, aroma, and the lovely feeling of your home.


Many thanks, 

L. M.



Hello, Matias and family -- My husband and I visited your plantation on Tuesday (we asked a lot of questions and I was the one who first admired the baskets).


We just returned home and will start on our bags of coffee tomorrow with wonderful memories of a delightful and informative visit.


Can you please provide the recipes none for the dishes we had at lunch? Particularly, the black beans, potato, squash, and chicken dishes.


Many thanks and best regards,

P. L.

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