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Coffee Experience / How to get there?


We are located in the Dota/Tarrazu region, also known as Los Santos. This region is located 45 miles South West of the City of San Jose, 10 miles West of the Empalme intersection on the Interamerican Highway.


We have transportation to the Coffee Experience from every major hotel in the Central Valley and you can book the Coffee Experience as part of our Highland Jewels one day tour.


If you plan to drive there yourself, we can provide you with a detailed map.


As general directions, you need to drive out of the City of San Jose towards Cartago. At the entrance to the City of Cartago, you must follow the Interamerican Highway as it veers right to avoid entering the city. At this point, the Highway will have 4 lanes and you will soon start to go over the mountains.


Twelve more miles up the mountain you will find El Empalme (The Junction). It is easily recognizable because it is a busy commercial intersection with a Penzoil gas station and a restaurant. Also, you will find small convenience stores and flower shops.


At this point, you make a right off the Highway and follow the road down to Santa Maria for 9 miles.

Once you reach Santa Maria, you must make a left at the corner of the Park and follow the road to Copey for 3/4 of a mile. You will see Santos' farm with Tio Ramon's green house on the right hand side, on a hill.


If you get lost, simply ask anybody in Santa Maria for the house of Santos Cordoba on the road to Copey. As simple as that.


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