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 Coffee Experience / A visit to a working family-owned farm


We believe that bringing you in direct contact with our traditions and experiencing them is the best way to learn about them. Rather than putting up a show, we give you the opportunity to learn first hand about coffee.





The Down to Earth Coffee Experience takes you back to the golden times where coffee was sun dried and roasted by hand on top of a wood burning stove.


Your visit takes place in the 7-acre farm of Santos and Aracelly Cordoba, 40 miles South West of San Jose, in the Dota Tarrazu

Valley, Costa Rica's premiere coffee producing region.


 Your hosts

Santos Cordoba, third generation farmer, will personally guide you to his field and explain the entire cycle of the coffee. Close to be 80 years old, Mr Cordoba is a well respected figure in the region and a founding member of the local Cooperative where he was also an administrative board member.





Aracelly Cordoba, Santos' wife, is one of the most accomplished coffee pickers in the valley. She will be your guide for the coffee picking activities and prepare a delicious fresh fruit refreshment for you to cool off after the activities.

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