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Coffee / Coffee articles


Why does coffee taste so bad?

Coffee prices are at their lowest level in decades. So why does so much of the coffee you buy taste so bad?

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Coffee reduces risk of colon cancer by 26%

Coffee has been proposed as a protective agent against colorectal cancer because several of its components affect the physiology of the colon.

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Coffee could fight colon cancer

Coffee contains similar levels of antioxidants to black tea and can be just as beneficial to health, according to Scottish scientists that have found coffee's antioxidants are highly absorbable by the human body.

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Coffee could prevent diabetes 2

Men and women who drank more coffee and other caffeinated beverages were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who drank few or no caffeinated beverages, report researchers in a new study.

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Coffe lowers risk of liver disease

Drinking three cups of coffee daily may reduce the risk of mortality from liver cirrhosis, suggest researchers in Norway.

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Coffee not dangerous for unborn babies

New research backs previous studies that show that pregnant women can drink a moderate amount of coffee without harming their babies.

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Coffee reduces danger of gallstones

Women who are keen coffee drinkers may be lowering their risk of developing gallstones, report researchers in the recent issue of Gastroenterology.

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